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Beethoven Maennerchor is a vibrant community devoted to German heritage, culture, and preservation. Becoming a member is easy, and we welcome you to be a part of our family!

There are two types of memberships available:

-Passive (non-singer)

-Active (singer)​

Many members who join do so simply to be a part of Beethoven in a non-singing way. That's great! But please keep in mind that being a member is to be a part of this community. When you join, we want to see you around. Come out to volunteer for work parties, make yourself available for the food line or parking lot, and be a champion of Beethoven Maennerchor in your corner of the world.


Conversely, if you would like to be a singer, the choirs are always looking for new people to lend their voices to the cause. Our directors will be glad to talk with you. On your first visit, they'll sit down at the piano and ask you to sing a few notes to determine the part that's best for you.


No matter the route, point yourself in our direction.


The fine print

To become a member, fill out a Maennerchor Membership Application or, for women, an Application  to the Damenchor, and return it to the Club Room. Cards for membership may also be picked up at the Club Room. There is no fee to join the Kinderchor. The Beethoven Kinderchor is the children's choir, an adjunct singing group at the Maennerchor. They join in the fun and add to events at the club with their voices, singing traditional German music. The children have sung at the Halle as well as the Dallas Saengerfest, Menger Hotel and an international music festival in Killeen, just to name a few! The children rehearse on Tuesday evenings beginning at 6:45.

You will find several spaces under "Recommended by." This is for current members, not board members, to sign. Your application, along with dues (which are pro-rated as the year progresses), will then be forwarded to the board of directors for review and a vote at the next board of directors meeting.

Please contact Beethoven's publicity committee for questions regarding membership.

Member night

Member night is a fun way to get involved! It's also when the choirs rehearse. The men convene at 8 p.m. Women meet on Tuesdays as well. Band members meet on Wednesday at 7 p.m. Afterward, members usually stick around for fellowship, to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or other life accomplishments, and learn of upcoming events and how to get involved. An added benefit to member night: reduced member night prices in the Club Room! Those who are not members even enjoy this benefit. But we'd love for you to become a member nonetheless.

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Member Night:


$2 off pitchers and $1 off pints


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