Frikadellen -- the original German "hamburgers" made by Hamburgers from Hamburg -- are on our special menu this Wednesday at Beethoven Halle und Garten.


Also known as Fleischküchle, Fleischpflanzerl and Buletten, Frikadellen are made from ground beef and pork blended with spices and then rolled and flattened into small "hamburger" patties before pan frying. 


Frikadellen are especially popular in northern Germany and Biergartens all over Deutschland. Variations are made throughout Scandinavia, Poland, Holland and other parts of the world. Our Frikadellen plate ($8) is served with German fried potatoes and a Gundelsheim pickle, the real-deal German gherkins made by Kühne.


Beethoven Halle und Garten, located in San Antonio's Southtown district at 422 Pereida St.,  is open Tuesday through Saturday from 4 p.m. until 10 p.m., with food service from 5 to 9 p.m. We offer German fare five days a week, with a special, rotating menu called "Chef's Choice" on Wednesdays. All of the tables in our Biergarten and air-conditioned clubroom are socially-distanced. Beethoven workers disinfect them before and after they are used by patrons. 


If your personal pandemic precautions include avoidance of socially-distanced gatherings, we also offer curbside pickup of food and beer. Call the Beethoven at 210-222-1521 with your order, drive up to our main entrance at 422 Pereida St. and we will deliver it to your vehicle and collect payment. 



Tuesday: Bratwurst ($6), Reuben sandwiches ($7), Goulasch ($8), and Bavarian-style soft pretzels ($3, with German beer-cheese sauce $1 extra)

Wednesday ("Chef's Choice"): Frikadellen plate with German fried potatoes and Gundelsheim pickle ($8), Bratwurst, Reuben sandwiches

Thursday: Bratwurst (white and red), Reuben sandwiches (and leftover Frikadellen, if any!)

Friday: Bratwurst (white and red), Reuben sandwiches, Goulasch

Saturday: Bratwurst (white and red), Reuben sandwiches, Leberkäse ($7)


Curbside and indoor pickup of 64 oz. beer growlers is also available. Bring your own growler and get it filled with your choice of beer for $15. Or, buy one of our glass growlers -- specially engraved with the Beethoven logo -- for $10 and get it filled for an additional $15.


As a reminder, we're now also permitting visitors to bring their four-footed friends to the Beethoven. Dogs on a leash are allowed -- only in our outdoor Biergarten -- safely and socially-distanced of course! We have drinking water and bowls, "Mutt Mitts" for pet waste and space available at the rear of our property for dog walking.


We hope to see you soon at Beethoven!


Mit freundlichen Grüßen

David Uhler

President, Beethoven Männerchor


422 Pereida

San Antonio, Texas 78210

E  /

​T  /  210-222-1521



4 p.m. to midnight

Member Night:


$2 off pitchers and $1 off pints


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